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Beta release of era

era is a small R package for working with different year numbering systems. There are a few systems in use in archaeology, geology, and other palaeosciences;...

#30DayMapChallenge 2020

The #30DayMapChallenge is an event challenging cartographers to make a map on a given theme on each day in November 2020.

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Lactose intolerance around the world

Most of us in the western world take drinking milk for granted, but the ability to digest lactose into adulthood is actually relatively uncommon from a globa...

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Edge Annual Question 2016

This years Edge Annual Question asked their assorted eminent scholars to pick the most interesting scientific news from the last few years. The result is a n...

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Excavating at Kharaneh IV

I wrote a brief guest post for the Kharaneh IV blog, an Epipalaeolithic site in Jordan where I’ve been working the last few weeks:

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Genetic Astrology

(Via John Hawks) Genetic Astrology chronicles the saga of Alistair Moffat’s shameful attempt to use libel law to silence scientific criticism of his genetic ...

A Genetic Atlas of Human History

Hellenthal et al. introduced a new method for detecting and dating genetic admixture events in Science last week. The ins-and-outs of their analysis is, hone...

Not so civilised

The way the word ‘civilisation’ is bandied about in popular writing about ancient history has always bugged me. Most archaeologists must be well aware of how...

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