Say Hello to Hugo

Hello, Hugo!

If you’ve noticed the blog looks very different to how it did yesterday, it’s because I’ve migrated it from Wordpress to Hugo – a lovely little static website generator.

This simplifies things greatly for me behind the scenes, and means I can integrate the blog with the other bits I put under this domain. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: Wordpress is an unwieldy beast. What prompted me to finally do it is that I’ve said a fond farewell to, who’ve hosted various things for me for many years, and moved this website to Google Cloud Platform. I do pretty much everything on one Google product or another these days after all (which is why I went for Go-based Hugo rather than its Ruby-based big brother, Jekyll.)

This afternoon I managed to set up a useable blog with a stock template, and port all my old posts from Wordpress (using ExitWp). It’s a bit bare bones compared to the old everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Wordpress installation, but I plan to add back things link proper bibliographies over the course of the next few months.